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It’s certainly not something we wish for you, but have you ever thought “What would happen to my pets if I was in a terrible accident?” “What if I died and no one knows my pet is home alone, possibly days on end? Who’s going to feed and take care of them?”

With this card, we hope you can avoid such a situation.

Write the name and phone number of a trusted family member or friend (designated caretaker) and place this card in your wallet. The police or emergency personnel who will look through your wallet for identification will also find this card. They can call your designated caretaker so your pets can be cared for immediately.

This card was inspired and created after the 3.11 Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami disaster, after which many pets starved to death after being left by their owners because they were told by the government that they could not take their pets when evacuating (understandably, many owners hesitated to leave them but they were told that they would be able to return home soon—which did not happen). We dedicate this card to all those animals who perished and people who lost their pets. ~Big Tree for Animals

Pre-Emergency To Do List

Along with using this card, it is important to do the following for your pets before the emergency occurs. After all—they are family too.


  • Designate a trusted family member/friend as the “caretaker” of your pets in case of emergency. Make sure you talk to them about this card and have them agree to be the caretaker.
  • Create some notes so your caretaker can learn about your pets. These notes should include their favorite toys, brand of pet food, treats they eat, the things they like, things they do not like, food allergies, veterinarian information, vaccination records, medical record etc. Make sure to tell your caretaker where the note is located so they can read it in case of an emergency. You can also email them the list beforehand!
  • In the worst case scenario of your passing away, do you have a legal document made detailing what to do with your pets? LegalZoom has a very affordable “Pet Protection Agreement” (“A Pet Protection Agreement® is a simple agreement that allows you to name a pet guardian to take care of your pets, and gives you the ability to leave funds to care for your pets” -LeagalZoom.com). In many cases, family members tend to bring pets to the local animal shelter after the death of their owner. Local animal shelters are always overcrowded. If your pets are not adopted soon, they will face euthanasia. Before it’s too late, ask your family member, friends if they are able to take care of your pets permanently. If you cannot find a permanent caretaker, research local animal rescue organizations who run programs like “Pets Guardian Program” or “Living Trust & Will” who will take your pets and make sure that they get adopted to a new forever home.

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Download Dual Sided Pet Alert Card

Updated on 8/21/2014
This will be printed and folded into a card with front and back. Highly recommend to laminate for durability.


Download One Sided Pet Alert Card

Updated on 8/21/2014
You can choose Dog & Cats version or Rabbit & Birds version! Highly recommend to laminate for durability.


Order This Card via Zazzle.com

Are you a rescue organization, a shop owner, or just a person with a lot of friends who can use this card? You can now purchase this card in business card size (1 pack of 100) by Zazzle.com shop that I have set up, and have it ship directly to you.

Pet Alert Card printed by vistaprint.com
Pet Alert Card printed by vistaprint.com